Auto Lensmeter TL-7000

Product Code.             : VM-TO-08


  • Using 117 point Hartmann sensor wavefront technology in the TL-7000, measurement accuracy of vertically narrow progressive lenses has markedly improved.
  • With the TL-7000, it is possible to monitor UV light (375 nm) / Blue light (465 nm) transmittance for safety, as well as conduct power measurements.
  • The green light is the reference wavelength (e-line of ISO 7944-1998 is 546.01 nm), and dispersion due to the refractive index difference is no longer required to be considered. TL-7000 incorporate a 535 nm green light beam, which is close to the e-line, conforming to ISO standards. By using this light beam, the possibility of measurement errors will be reduced and more precise measurement will be possible.
  • Displaying the grid patterns on the screen will help recognition of lens marks. Grid patterns are selectable.
  • With the power mapping function, a lens-shaped simple map will be displayed.
  • Output the measurement data from each LAN and RS-232C port.
  • Pupillary distance (PD) measurement can be performed.
  • Auto printer cutter is available with this TL 7000

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