Slit Lamp(700GL NSW)

Product Code.             : VM-TK-01


  • 4.1 degree (Optional) Narrow Angle Stereo wide viewer (700GL NSW- factory optional specification) can be used for patients with small pupil & Offers 133% of the fundus view than Standard 700GL
  • Standard 700GL offers a better view of fundus
  • Has a Stereoscopic angle
  • Color balance of image taken is not lost: Since the same LED for both main light source and background illumination.
  • For use with an imaging system, the background illumination is now equipped as standard.
  • Built-in Background Illumination:
  • The diameter of the slit length is extended to 14mm from 10mm: To illuminate a wider area of the anterior segment.
  • Projected light is soft and easy on patients’ eyes by reducing the peak of the characteristic blue band spectrum of LED using filter.
  • Reduction of the Characteristic Blue Light of LED.
  • The 1-element LED provides uniform light compared to the other companies’ 4-element LED.
  • Brighter & sharper light utilizing LED with a color temperature of 3500K
  • A 1-element high-luminance 3 watts LED is used
  • Uses Ultra-low Voltage , Uniform LED Illumination Light:
  • Looks neat and compact with minimized cable , with no possible failure
  • NO CABLES exposed outside : Cables for connecting an imaging system can be concealed & Even the power supply cable is concealed
  • Excellent slit-lamp microscope for General examination

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