Auto Refkerato ARKM-200

Product Code.             : VM-TK-06


  • The advanced touch-screen display allows you to perform both Refraction and keratometry with one simple movement.
  • Capture one eye on the display and the ARKM-200 will display both eyes automatically.
  • Various settings like changing modes can be done on the touch panel display.
  • The wide viewed fixation target assures natural fixation to avoid accommodation of a patient's eye.
  • The quick thermal printer has shortened the total measurement time.
  • Power assisted joystick for rough alignment.
  • The chin rest can be moved by pushing the buttons on the front panel. No need to reach out to the chin rest for manual adjustment.
  • Short consecutive measurements and time provide reliable data.
  • Measurement can be done easily by moving the two cursors on the display to the boundary of Cornea or Pupil.This is useful for deciding the diameter of a contact lens and for other contact lens fitting practices.

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