Auto Refkeratometer RC 800

Product Code.             : VM-TO-03


  • Highly accurate measurements combined with the very short examination time and easy handling makes working with the TOMEY RC-800 professional and quick. You can operate and align the RC-800 through the combination of joystick and touch screen – all this in a very short time.
  • The 5.7“ colour touch screen is used as operating monitor as well as for displaying all measured values. All commands can be done via touch screen.
  • Once you have captured your patients’ eye, you can set the pupil and cornea measurement bars to individual diameters. These values will also be stored, displayed and printed.
  • The handling of the RC-800 is very easy. By aligning the optical head towards the patients’ eye, the measurement is automatically taken over by the instrument itself.
  • The RC-800 provides you with the measured central (ø 3 mm) Keratometer readings within a second. You can take these readings from a cornea or the back surfaces of a RGP contact lens.

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