Product Code.             : VM-OC-02


  • Used for wide-angle observation of the fundus during Vitreo-retinal surgery.
  • The BIOM 5 is an ideal complement to the SDI (Stereoscopic Diagonal Inverter).
  • Two BIOM systems Manual BIOM with 5m/ml and Electronic BIOM with 5c/cl are available.
  • SDI 4  is available as Automatic & Manual.
  • Integration with almost all microscope foot pedals is possible.
  • Activated with one easy motion, keeping the surgeon‘s hands free.
  • Automatic activation depending on the position of the BIOM 5c.
  • Connectors are available on both sides for convenient handling.
  • SDI 4c is required to control the motorized focus of the BIOM 5c.
  • BIOM has wide field High definition Lens made up of Quartz glass, provides 130 degree fundus observation and resistant to alkaline cleaning & sterilization.
  • The observation unit BIOM can be mounted within a short time and can be swung into the beam path when needed.
  • Provides optimized surgical efficiency with enhanced design.
  • Uses highest quality materials such as titanium and stainless steel for a prolonged life time.
  • Optimized Lens stability.
  • Comprised of Fully autoclavable components.
  • BIOM 5c offers additional convenience since it incorporates the intelligent and automatic control of the corresponding inverter. With the BIOM 5c, the SDI 4c will automatically switch ON and OFF, depending on the position of the BIOM thus, no footswitch or assistant required (Total Automatic system).

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