CataRhex 3 easy

Product Code.             : VM-O-195




  • Compact platform for Phaco and anterior vitrectomy
  • Portable size: High mobility and space-saving
  • Powerful fluidics settings: flow rate up to 50 ml/min and vacuum up to: 600mmHg
  • Reusable tubing system with integrated closed sensor
  • Direct Access through buttons on panel with luminous display and feather touch keys
  • Integrated air compressor
  • High speed cutting with pneumatic push-pull principle
  • Continuous Flow Cutter (CFC) available
  • Linear cuts up to 2400 cpm, Single Cut
  • Peristaltic pump for precise flow control
  • Linear multifunctional pedal which eliminates the requirement of assistant
  • Reusable titanium Phaco tips

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