Corvis® ST (Tonometer)

Product Code.             : VM-OC-03


  • CORVIS (Corneal Visualization Scheimpflug Technology) records the reaction of the cornea to a defined air pulse with a newly developed ultra-high-speed Scheimpflug-camera that takes over 4,330 images per second permitting highly precise measurement of IOP and corneal thickness.
  • Offers high-diagnostics evaluation of Corneal biomechanical response, Tonometry, and Pachymetry.
  • UV free 455 nm blue LED is used as source of light.
  • Biomechanical corrected IOP (BIOP) provides more accurate IOP readings which is easy to read and to interpret less dependent on biomechanical properties and corneal thickness. IOP correction is based on corneal thickness, age and the biomechanical response of the cornea. Due to the measurement principle, the IOP measurements are not influenced by tear film.
  • Software option is Upgradable.
  • Tomographic Biomechanical Index (TBI) is calculated using an artificial intelligence approach to optimize Ectasia detection.
  • Corvis ST is used in Glaucoma diagnostics which measures IOP, corneal thickness and the deformation response of the cornea. Based on these data it has the potential to determine an IOP value that is uninfluenced by corneal biomechanical properties.
  • It is used to visualize the effect of Corneal Crosslinking. It has the potential to quantify the effect of crosslinking on the biomechanical properties of the cornea.
  • It has a new function allowing user to email values for intraocular pressure and corneal thickness as well as high-speed videos to the patients mobile. Videos include a feature for reminding patients of upcoming follow-up exams.

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