Eye Si (Surgical Simulator)

Product Code.             : VM-ES-01


  • High-End Virtual reality simulatorsfor "Medical Training" of Eye Care Professionals
  • Offers a highly realistic and effective, life-like training environment without risk to patients
  • Proven fact that inexperienced surgeons who are trained on simulator have lower complication rates
  • Full fills many of the core elements of deliberate practice & improves skills in "Wetlab"
  • Two "Abstract Training Modules": Cataract and Vitreoretinal Surgery
  • Training Curriculum "Eye-Si Courseware":Pre-installed "multi-tier training curriculum" with courses for Cataract and Vitreoretinal surgery which allows residents to practice cataract and retinal surgery at a level of difficulty appropriate to their current ability
  • The basic skills/tasks are designed to advance the psychomotoric coordination of hand, eye, & foot
  • Cataract Surgery Training including: Capsulorhexis, Hydrodissection , Hydrodelineation, Phacoemulsification (Divide & Conquer)Irrigation and Aspiration by Bimanual or Coaxial technique followed by an IOL Implant & complications  like: Running Rhexis
  • Vitreoretinal Surgery Training including: Posterior Hyaloid Detachment, Peripheral Vitrectomies, Internal Limiting Membrane Peeling (ILM) , Epiretinal and Diabetic Membranes, Retinal Detachments, Endolaser
  • Simulation of Instruments such as : Forceps, Cystitome, Phaco handpiece ,Cannula, Vitrector etc.
  • Simulation of OR Machines:
  • Physically realistic simulation of : Peristaltic and Venturi Pump
  • Adjustable parameters for –Irrigation, Aspiration , Ultrasound & Vitrector
  • Objective evaluation after each task & monitors skill development over time:Trainees can view an evaluation of their performance directly after each task. Based on the objective assessment, training contents can be individually tailored to meet the needs of trainees relative to their current skill level.
  • Powerful Evaluation Tool: Provides trainees with immediate, competency-based feedback
  • Formal training reports: The complete training history can be exported as a PDF training report
  • No consumables required: No any recurring cost on usage
  • Permits- unlimited, independent and repetitive practice
  • Educators have access to all recorded training data

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