Hand Held Slitlamp (PSLAIA-11)

Product Code.             : VM-AP-15


  • The luminance of about 10,000 lux was secured by adoption of the high luminance white LED for the source of light, and the life of the light become long. The life of the LED is 50,000 hours or more. 
  • Though it is LED Slit Lamp, a sharp Slit Light can be offered, and slit width can also be adjusted freely. 
  • Since it is small and light weight, it can be used easily in the case of a medical care service at home. You can use for the medical care of the eye of small animal etc. 
  • Selectable of the various filters such as the Cobalt Blue, Green and Conversion Filters for color temperature. 
  • Continuous operation is about 2 hours possible with a battery (in full charged state with maximum illumination). The operating time changes with amount of illumination and remaining battery level.

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