Keratograph 5M

Product Code.             : VM-OC-06


  • High resolution, Placido-based corneal topographer
  • Combines the state-of-the-art corneal topography witheasy-to-understand representation.
  • White diodes for Tear Film Dynamics & Placido illumination.
  • Blue diodes (465nm) for Fluorescein images.
  • Infrared diodes (840nm) for Meibography.
  • Infrared (880nm) for Pupillometry & Placido illumination.
  • Real Keratometry with built-in Keratometer.
  • Keratograph software contains both data and image documentation.
  • Automatic measurement ensures the utmost accuracy and reproducibility.
  • Topography based Keratoconus detection & Quantification.
  • Zernike (optional evaluation function) & Standard Fourier Analysis.
  • Tear Film Assessment (TF-scan).
  • Visualization of Tear-film: both quality & quantity.
  • Non-invasive, quick & automatic measurement of Tear film Breakup Time (TBUT).
  • Displayed with intuitive color-map.
  • Evaluation of the Tear meniscus height, lipid layer & Tear film-dynamics.
  • Meibography (Meibo-scan).
  • Detection of Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD).
  • 3D-display of Meibomian glands in upper & lower eyelid.
  • JENVIS Dry Eye Report (optional evaluation function) provides comprehensive summary display of all available dry eye tests.
  • HD color camera.
  • Selectable illumination.
  • Variable Magnification.
  • Contact lens Fitting.
  • Comprehensive & expandable database of soft & rigid contact lenses.
  • Simulation & comparison of Fluorescein images.
  • OXIMAP (optional evaluation function) gives graphic display of oxygen transmissibility of soft contact lenses.
  • Quick and easy way to measure the pupil size of your patients underdifferent illumination conditions.

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