Leica M822 Operating Microscope

Product Code.             : VM-LE-03


  • Ultimate Red-Reflex Ophthalmic Surgical Microscope.
  • Precision "Leica optics" for crispy/sharper images in natural color when  paired with a "dual -LED and halogen illumination system"provides a brilliant & stable red reflex even at low light levels
  • Longer lifespan (60,000 hours life expectancy) & Eco-friendly LED technology offers halogen-like light for a natural colorrendering.
  • ULTRALOW-III™ Binocular Eyepiece tube shifts lower than other Binocular tubes which provides comfort to the surgeon.
  • World's 1st, two-beam path solution for temporal approach cataract surgery that provides easy side to side quick change of assistant observer optics system.
  • Auto-Reset
  • Upto 30 surgeon can set their individual preferences so the microscopes are always ready for each surgeon.
  • With the touch of a button, the screen switches between microscope control display and real-time video monitor.
  • Comes with integrated; anti-microbial nano-silver coating "LEICA RUV800™" inverter which sits beneath the microscope optics which improves surgeons comfort & safer to position surgical instrument during surgery
  • A wide range of interchangeable binoculars and lens types to meet requirement of surgeon & assistant.
  • Step-Cycle™: Allows the surgeon to program and switch between predefined settings such as illumination, focus, and zoom foreach step of a procedure
  • Four models of foot switches are available.
  • High resolution true color digital imaging module.
  • The images from digital sources can be projected directly into the surgeon‘s eyepiece.
  • Interface to fit various commercially available lasers.
  • Option of 2 floor- stands: F20 stand with 3 friction brakes while F40 stand with 4 electromagnetic brakes

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