Leica M844 Operating Microscope

Product Code.             : VM-LE-01


  • Has F40 floor-stand with 4-electromagnetic brakes.
  • The images from digital sources can be projected directly into the surgeon‘s eyepiece.
  • High resolution true color digital imaging module.
  • Has Leica DI C800 head-up display.
  • Leica Slit Illuminator an intra-operative precision surgical slit lamp activated via footswitch provides full slit functions which is ideal for anterior and posterior segment surgery.
  • Leica Toric Eye-Piece is a Cost-effective, easy-to-use, time-saving aid for premium IOL placement. The rotatable scale is superimposed over the microscope image to help the surgeon find the correct IOL positioning.
  • Available with optional Mountable Accessories.
  • Double wing assistant bridge enables the teacher to have two students in full stereo view simultaneously at the same magnification. With the newly integrated video display, all three along with the operating room staff and additional students can observe and learn via the video monitor.
  • Wide range of binocular tubes with variable angles is available to meet individual surgeons need.
  • Interface to fit various commercially available lasers.
  • Wide choice of foot pedals.
  • Independent choice of wide-angle observation accessories accepts the integration of wide angle observation systems or stereo image inverters. When integrating the Oculus SDI/BIOM system, the surgeon can control its functions through the Leica M844’s 16-function foot pedal therefore the system can be fully controlled by a single foot pedal instead of two.

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