Leica Proveo 8 Operating Microscope

Product Code.             : VM-LE-04


  • Fusion Optics delivers crisp, texture-rich images from the periphery to the retina. Captures different information from each of the two beam paths, delivering high resolution to the left eye and depth of field to the right eye for main surgeon and assistant.
  • OptiChrome optics is good for high contrast, high resolution, natural colors without chromatic aberrations.
  • Uses four individual beam paths from two LED lamps for achieving Stable red reflex & provides optimal image contrast throughout the entire cataract surgery procedure.
  • Control unit  consists of user-friendly, individually programmable touch-screen (up to 30 surgeons) for control of motor functions and light intensity.
  • More space to work for surgeon/staffs due to a floor stand with small footprint and long reach.
  • Open-Architecture offers possible upgradeability.
  • Built-in 3CMOS HD camera compatible with emerging 4K- technology.
  • Easy integration of recording (Optional fully integrated 2D HD and/or 3D HD video and recording) and documentation systems.
  • Ready for innovative digital imaging solutions such as IOL guidance using IOL-compass PRO and EnFocus Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) so as to Visualize subsurface details during posterior and anterior surgery with real-time, high-resolution, deep-depth OCT images.
  • Available for assistant and integrated camera or external 1/3 camera with C-mount interface.
  • Footswitch 14-function and 12-function wireless footswitch with optional back-up cable.
  • Recording control is possible with only a touch of the:  infrared remote control, touchscreen control panel, or footswitch.
  • Adjustable Red-Reflex illumination diameter via wireless footswitch or the Knob.
  • Built in Keratoscope.
  • User can pre-define and program the settings as per need for each phase of both anterior and posterior procedures
  • Program up to 5 phases cataract surgery.
  • RUV800 wide-angle viewing.
  • BIOM 5 with synchronized focus.
  • Leica External Slit Illuminator an intra-operative precision surgical slit lamp activated via footswitch provides full slit functions & precise stereoscopic visualization, which is ideal for anterior and posterior segment surgery.

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