Product Code.             : VM-MV-03


  • MonPack One is a multifunction stimulator combining, in a compact system, all the tests needed for a complete, thorough evaluation of visual functions. Only one stimulator with an innovative design is needed for flash ganzfeld ERG and VEP, pattern ERG and VEP, multifocal ERG and VEP as well as sensory EOG. It is compatible with the ISCEV standards for visual electrophysiology. It includes a LED backlight with luminance feedback (patented) insuring that the luminance of pattern ERG and pattern VEP stimulations remain constant.
  • It offers  a large number of clinical applications  not only for visual electrophysiology but also for visual  psychophysical tests such as contrast sensitivity, dark  adaptation as well as oculomotor tests such as pupillometry  and electronystagmography.
  • It can easily be configured to suit individual needs and is easily upgradeable.
  • Electrophysiology applications that can be performed with Monpack one are:
     Flash and pattern VEP and ERG   
     Sensory EOG
     Multifocal ERG 
     Multifocal VEP  
     Sweep VEP
  • Psychophysical tests that can be performed with Monpack one are: 
     Contrast sensitivity
     Dark adaptation 
     Visual aptitudes and glare test
     Static perimetry  
     Goldmann perimetry  
     Attention visual field  
     Macular pigment density  
  • Oculomotor tests that can be performed with Monpack one are:
     Scan path analysis
     Visual pursuit test for babies 

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