Operating Microscope OM 19

Product Code.             : VM-TK-04


  • New optics having new red reflex illumination system providing extremely bright reflected light from the fundus, allowing Surgeons to perform cataract surgery with ease.
  • By adopting a standard objective lens of F=200 mm, the working distance is optimized for vitreoretinal surgery.
  • 10x magnification eyepieces bring a wider, brighter, and sharper view with a larger depth of focus.
  • Light intensity for red-reflex illumination & coaxial illumination can be adjusted separately due to their fully independent light sources.
  • Bright and sharp high-luminance LED having excellent color balance, giving a much brighter reflected light from the fundus in combination with the new red reflex illumination optical system.
  • With the blue correction filter, the projected light is soft and easy on the patient’s eye by reducing the peak of the characteristic blue wavelength of LED.
  • Rotating Coaxial Stereoscopic Assistant’s Microscope.
  • Fixed Coaxial Monoscopic Assistant’s Microscope.
  • CCD camera system can be mounted using O11-03 Beam splitter and O08-22 or O08-11 C-mount camera adaptor for integration with surgical video documentation systems.
  • O08-11 is equipped with an adjustable aperture for regulating light, O08-22 comes with a fixed aperture.
  • LCD monitor can be mounted on the upper microscope arm with O06-29 Monitor arm.
  • Camera control unit can be mounted on the lower microscope pole with O06-30 Camera control rack.

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