Operating Microscope( OM9)

Product Code.             : VM-TK-03


  • New compact, high performance operating microscope
  • Suitable for both Cataract & Vitreo retinal Surgeries
  • 1-Element, high luminance LED source with several benefits.
  • Excellent color reproducibility as that of halogen
  • Long-lasting operating hours/ life-span reduces need to replace spare bulbs
  • Sharp & Brighter view from Fundus
  • Uses Blue correction Filter.
  • New APOCHROMATIC optical system having Standard objective lens F=200mm for more focal depth, 10X Eye-piece to secure enough brightness, Excellent Red-Reflux results which are achieved by combination of Red-reflex illumination along with coaxial/ high luminance  LED illumination.
  • Red-reflex illumination system can be independently deactivated using control knob for vitreous surgeries 
    Better Line-up of Microscope units to cater need of Surgeons.

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