Pentacam® AXL

Product Code.             : VM-OC-07



  • Combined measurements as for (Anterior segment tomography & Optical Biometry).
  • Pentacam carefully measures the front and back surfaces of the cornea, total refractive power,corneal thickness, and performs a complete anterior segment analysis.
  • Measurement of hgh-precision & Contact-free optical biometry from the corneal surface to the retina.
  • IOL power calculations can be measured not only for routine cases but for treated corneas (including post-RK & post-LASIK) with no other calculators.
  • High-resolution, Impressive, convincing & simply sharp Scheimpflug Images can be taken.
  • Cataract Pre-op Display summarizes relevant data to support decision in selecting the toric, aspheric, multifocal or standard IOL for patients.
  • Fast-screening report.
  • Shows the measurement data in relation to normative data.
  • Alerts about any possible abnormalities (including Possible Keratoconus & corneal & anterior chamber changes).
  • Depiction of blood vessels using green illumination and of iris structure under infrared illumination facilitates correct alignment of the toric IOL during the surgical procedure.
  • 3D cataract Analyzer.
  • Anterior Segment Tomography provides rotatable/movable 3D model of the anterior eye segment.
  • 3D anterior chamber analyzer used to assess the anterior segment for abnormalities.

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