Slit Lamp Imaging (SL-CAM ICM-7)

Product Code.             : VM-AP-14


  • High field of view and depth of focus with adjustable eyepiece comfort to the doctor even during the longer examination. 
  • 5 Step drum magnification changer, provide wide range of magnification from 6X to 40 X. 
  • Consciously selected LED for its incredible performance. Universally preferred light source with the color temperature of 3800k, that works best when combined to any color filters, allowing users to view even the micro structures.
  • Easy access to diffuser to diffuse the illumination, that gives an exceptional overview of the anterior segment. 
  • Trigger button elegantly mounted on the omni style joystick with the convenient reach to illumination intensity knobs for effortless image or video capturing. 
  • UHD Digital SL CAM integrated with seemless designed slitlamp offers a high resolution image that could be easily captured by smart capturing trigger option. 
    Image management for successful diagnosis. 
  • Uniquely designed and developed tool for sequential work flow.
  • Software supports live motion with live zoom.
  • Image and video recording with high resolution.
  • Remote file sharing with auto backup system and multi language support .

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