Centerfield® 2

Product Code.             : VM-OC-01

Color Range   : Blue and White


  • The self-contained design and light-shielded viewer allow examinations to be conducted in normally lit rooms.
  • Its robustness and light weight make the Centerfield 2 perimeter the ideal unit for portable use, which is often a necessity in the Occupational Health area.
  • The results of the perimetric measurements are summarized in a clearly structured printout. Areas of abnormality can be quickly recognized and re-examination of these areas independent of the test point grid gives the diagnostic analysis even greater reliability.
  • The Centerfield 2 perimeter can be operated via the USB port of a notebook or PC.
  • Together with the supplied device software, this modern solution allows you to fully utilize all of the benefits of today’s IT systems, especially the network connectivity. This guarantees both safe storage of examination data and quick access to that data when needed.
  • Threshold related - suprathreshold strategies have proven to be time-saving and efficient examination methods.
  • The recommended series of pre-defined test programs provided for Centerfield 2 perimeter covers the examinations most frequently needed in practice.
  • The patented projection method allows you to freely select test point grids on the Centerfield 2.

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